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Control Room Display Solutions

As a professional control room solution LCD video wall provider, we all know the importance of gathering, distributing and monitoring information. Having correct information will provide complete situational awareness at any time. Asianda Team will provide you a whole entire solution for control rooms, including video wall screens and professional services.

command and control room LCD video wall

  • Any contents, any time      
    Asianda advanced system allows a multitude of input sources to be efficiently distributed over many displays which ensures you have a whole view of any situation.
  • Achieve needs, control demand
    No matter what size or shape of display you’re considering, we have a solution for your application. We offer a full range of high-performance, low-maintenance video wall display solutions.It can be seamlessly integrated with our powerful image processors and video wall controllers for advanced monitoring capabilities and complete control.
    connection for control room

Contral Room Big data display
To meet different demands of control room lcd video wall solutions, our video wall panel sizes ranges from 46inch to 65inch. In the coming future, we will promote 70inch. With all these A+ panels, our video wall are widely used for police station, Government and defense, Public safety services, etc.
Control Room
control room lcd professional display

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